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12 March 2020Cities of Castille

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Cities of Castille Gail Turner Thursday 12 March 2020

This study day gives a taste of the history and art in different Spanish cities in Castile. Avila, the birthplace of St Teresa, is a city full of history, ringed by towering early medieval walls. Segovia has a Roman aqueduct, a wealth of Romanesque churches, a fairy-tale castle and a great Gothic cathedral. Toledo, once the home of Moors, Jews and Christians, has narrow streets, a gem of a former mosque, a rich cathedral and one of the most beautiful late Gothic churches in the whole of Spain. It was also the adopted home of El Greco. Salamanca – one of the great medieval universities of Europe – has the finest examples of Plateresque architecture, two cathedrals and the largest square in Spain. Madrid became the capital of Spain in 1561. The Habsburg and Bourbon monarchs of Spain changed the face of the city which had once been a small Moorish outpost. Its great art collections – the Prado, and the Thyssen, and smaller gems like the Sorolla Museum – and its architecture reflect Spain’s varied history.

A day to whet the appetite of Hispanophiles!

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